Website Quality Analysis and Evaluation

If you are looking for help with your existing website and strive to improve the overall quality including content and framework, yeahBAY can probably help through analysis, evaluation, education, and recommendations.


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Achieve Greater Results Through Quality

Business websites have many moving pieces. Each area of a business based website has a specific function, however many of these areas are often overlooked. The design is an important aspect, however the overall framework, function and how well your website is viewed by customers and search engines are important considerations.Increasing Bar Chart


Get Your Website In Shape For 2014


Businesses strive to perform at optimal levels. One area that may be overlooked is the foundation, functionality and visibility of your website.  yeahBAY's website quality analysis services analyzes over 100 data points on your existing website.  yeahBAY also goes beyond the initial analysis. Our goal is to educate you in aspects of our website that may be important considerations for your business.


It's Explained

Many times, businesses just need to be explained what improvements can be made that may help the overall performance of their existing website. After yeahBAY's analysis is complete, we hope to educate our clients and provide recommendations for your existing website. The process is simple and for many businesses simply makes sense.


Focus On Quality

Spend more time focusing on the quality of your overall website and your customers will be appreciative. The design of a website is one important factor, however the site structure and quality of the website content is key.




Image If.....

You built a house.....
would your preference be....


.......a house that is structurally sound, quality materials, and craftsmanship that is unsurpassed? The finished house functions as well as it looks. There are no cracks, blemishes, and the house showcases it's design. The foundation is structurally sound and is designed to support the entire framework of the house.


A business website in some aspects is really no different. A website has the ability to help drive business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However it is important to understand the website structure, components and key elements that may need improvement to help drive more traffic, but increase the quality of the customer experience. Even minor changes can make a big impact.


yeahBAY makes the process easy, simple, and works with clients to provide valuable insight and education that can help your website achieve greater results. It doesn't need to be confusing, it just needs to be explained in terms you can understand. After all, no one knows your business better than the people working in the business.

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